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Firestop Systems

SFI is a local professional installer of firestopping systems in the NYC area.
We work directly with property owners and managers, developers, general and mechanical contractors to support them in the process of satisfying building code requirements and ensuring the safety of their properties and occupants.
Our team is fully trained and experienced in applying and maintaining firestop systems. We can assist you to streamline the process of selecting and installing the appropriate firestop system materials and products based on specific property requirements.
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Proper pipe insulation, meaning one that meets certain fire rating requirements, can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke though pipes, which can be a common route for fire to travel between floors and rooms in the building, therefore being and important component of an efficient firestopping system.

Supplementary to firestopping services, SFI can install insulation for building plumbing and mechanical systems to improve the process of fire safety compliance.


Firestopping is the process of sealing openings in the walls, floors, and ceilings to prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and toxic gases in the building from one area to another.
Properly installed firestopping is therefore critical for creating safe living environments for the building occupants, protecting assets, and minimizing the damage in case of emergencies.
In addition to safety benefits, proper firestopping is often required by building codes and local laws.
SFI provides the following services:
• Penetration firestopping
• Perimeter firestopping
• Joint firestopping
We work in a variety of settings including residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and various commercial properties.


SFI was created in a direct response to the changing environment of the construction industry, with increased emphasis on firestopping in recent years, particularly in high-rise buildings following several high-profile fires that spread rapidly due to not adequate firestopping. Local laws now make owners, contractors, and designers responsible to understand and comply with firestopping requirements to ensure the safety of the occupants and protect the property in the event of fires; something that for decades has been overlooked or neglected. Our team of highly skilled firestopping installers is responsible for:

• Determining the best firestopping solution to be used for the specific project, based on the available specifications, requirements, and budgets.
• Coordinating with project managers and/or owners on the best methods and timelines to apply required firestopping.
• Supervising correct installation of materials and products and proper documentations of the process
• Ensuring the firestopping meets local codes and standards for the specific project based on its properties and use.
SFI provides complete firestop products and installation for any residential, commercial, or industrial property, one penetration at a time.
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